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Custom Design

Each custom sport fishing yacht build begins by developing your ideas and thoughts into the footprint that you are looking for. Our in-house CAD team will use two dimensional drawings to outline ideas and lay an outline for Design and Interior Utilization in 3-D. The three dimensional drawings allow us to show you what your final boat will look like and ensure your are completely satisfied before ever cutting a piece of wood. This ability gives us extremely accurate drawings and parts that facilitate a quicker, smoother construction process. Collaborating with renown naval architect Donald L. Blount for the design of the hydro dynamics and marine engineering of the hull ensures that each Jim Smith build a leading edge in the technical development of high-performance sport fishing yachts.


Work Flow and Time Management

Before construction begins we provide you with an outline detailing the construction and the payment schedule. You will receive a detailed report specifying the vessels progress on a monthly basis. John Vance oversees all construction and ensures that each project stays on budget and time.


Our custom sport fishing yachts  are built using modern cold molded techinques.  It yields an extremely strong and light weight boat that has great sound dampening qualities that help reduce hull noise and vibration.  Wood is an excellent construction material that has a higher strength-to-weight ratio than other materials available.  It allows us to construct extremely complex shapes and designs that are not possible with fiberglass construction.  We believe in only using the best Marine grade materials available to ensure you will have a boat that lasts for generations to come.  Our expert craftsmen take time to inspect each piece and shape it into perfection to ensure the long lasting beauty of your boat. 

Cold-molded wood construction has been used successfully in construction of boats since the early 1900's. The technique involves laminating together layers of wood veneers to create a hull that is extremely strong and lightweight. Rather than manufacturing a mold for the hull and building multiple boats around the same design, Cold-Molded hulls are constructed over a unique JIG. Creating a new hull design for each boat allows for a higher grade specification of interior layout, performance, and efficiency. The result is a one-of-a-kind Sport Fishing Yacht built to fit for the Owner. Today JIM SMITH BOATS are refered too as Okoume wood composite hulls and double biased glass and honey-comb core panes and pvc composites from the hull up making the boats lighter and stronger.

Employing the strength of modern design and construction has made it possible for JIM SMITH to build the larger and faster yachts. Along with the increase in horesepower, strength in hull construction has led to a great increase in speed, and a shift in responsibility toward of making  building the safest and most efficient yacht in the world. Although we value the novelty of speed in reaching fishing grounds, our designs will not compromise safety and will not to build a yacht that compromises this to the pursuit of Big Game Fishing. Returning from Sea is our priority. Our boats are built to handle all sea conditions over long distances with the safety of the Owners, Captains, and Crew. 

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